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The French language institute for adults and children

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Our younger students will have a lot of fun learning French through games, songs and activities!

In these small interactive group classes, you will learn French with like-minded students.

Why Choose Tune in to French ?

Since 2015, Tune into French has provided interactive French language courses for adults and children. By joining us you’ll discover French-speaking cultures, meet like-minded students and have fun learning French.

Our French Group Courses are designed for students who want to focus mainly on developing their French conversation skills, in an interactive setting. While our Private Tuition Courses are specifically tailored for each student and their goals. We run programs from beginner level to advanced and are also able to assist with school courses (CBSE, ICSE), exam preparation and French for business.

Small Group Classes

For a Faster and Better Progress!

Personalized Lessons

Tailored Programs to Meet Your Goals

Learning French With Us

What better place to learn French in India, than at an institute recognised for its high standards of teaching and proven track record of achieving excellent results?

Learning a new language is fun. It allows you to meet different nationalities and discover other cultures from all over the world. At Tune into French we have put all our energy into creating a unique, educational environment, that ensures all our students have an amazing linguistic and cultural experience while learning French.

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    Wonderful Feedback From Our Awesome Students !

    I had private tuition for about 3 months before my exam and I didn't forget a word she taught me. She was thorough with her teaching and made sure I understood everything before moving on. As she was very patient and calm, I always felt comfortable in my lessons which definitely helped me progress faster. I would recommend Tune into French anyone who’s interested in learning this beautiful language.
    I was preparing for my French IB exam, but didn’t feel confident that I would do well. After doing some research on the Web, I discovered Tune into French exam preparation program. My private teacher, Priyanka gave me some great exam preparation tips and helped build my confidence in the parts of the exam that I was worried about. It was a very efficient course and I will definitely take it again if I have to do another French test.
    Niti Inaini

    I have always wanted to learn French but found it very difficult and had bad experiences in the past. Since I met my teacher, my motivation to learn French has returned!! She has encouraged me to be patient and most of all, to speak! She is a very talented and comprehensive tutor and her classes are always fun! Merci professeur!!
    Investment Banker