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Adult French Group Classes

Adult French Group Classes

The best way to share your french experience !

The Best Way To Master Perfect Linguistic And Cultural Knowledge!

During our French Group Courses, you will meet like-minded students from around the world who will join you during your French journey.

Together, you will discover and be immerse into the French language and culture, practice role plays for conversation and sharpen your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You will learn the newest songs, read the French newspaper, watch the best French movies and “meet” famous French people.

Small-Sized Groups

More interaction and dedicated teaching time

The Best Learning Environment

A friendly atmosphere and comfortable classrooms

A Concrete Approach

Real life day to day situations are used as a base for our class exercises

The Fastest Progress

You’ll be speaking French from your very first lesson!

Quickly Improve Your French Skills!

At French Studio you will be able to progress quickly. During our group courses you will learn French in an interactive setting and complete tasks using our recommended tuition material.
Each level can be reached within 5 weeks (2h class, twice a week) to 10 weeks (2h class, once a week). At the end of each level you’ll receive a certificate which not only shows the achievement you have made, but qualifies you to start the next one!

Learning French at French Studio is fun. You will enjoy the interactive classes and speak a lot of French!

Let’s start your French class soonest possible!